The words sustainable, low-impact, eco, and community involvement have become buzz-phrases in the tourism industry. They conjure up images of sophisticated, adventure-minded travelers jetting off to far flung corners of the world to kayak or surf or trek—but we believe that sustainable, community-oriented, ethical business begins at home. Our home is Montauk, New York.

The Montauk Catamaran Company’s sailing catamarans are the James Wharram designed Pahi 63 S/V Mon Tiki Largo, the Tiki 38 S/V Mon Tiki and the Tiki 26 Mon Tiki Mini. All three of our boats were built right here on Long Island from the keel up, by local craftsmen, using low-impact construction methods.

Because safety is our first concern, our boats were constructed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) under US Coast Guard supervision, and to their exacting Inspected Passenger Vessel standards. Every phase of construction, from initial design, to hull construction, to rigging and deck layout have undergone rigorous US Coast Guard review and certification. Only USCG Inspected Passenger Vessels are permitted by law to carry more than six passengers, and the S/V Mon Tiki Largo and S/V Mon Tiki are the only sailing vessels in Montauk that meet this exacting standard for design and safety.

Our boats are also low-emissions vessels. Primary propulsion is provided by a powerful sail plan, and sail we do! Auxiliary propulsion is provided by ultra-clean, ultra-quiet Honda engines, but under normal operation these engines are used for harbor maneuvers only. Once at sea, our boats are true sailing vessels. During your time aboard, the sounds you’ll hear are the sounds of wind and water.