Scenes from a Montauk Seal Watching Trip on the Catamaran MON TIKI

Sean McFall, the epoxy mix-master, at the con.

Culloden Point in the background.

Half-throttle and an easy 6 knots.

The pier at Eddie Ecker Park on Fort Pond Bay, with Hither Woods in the background

Friends Jay & Ruben Schneiderman. The saw us from the beach, called my cell, and we picked them up!


Heading back to our berth at Diamond Cove in Lake Montauk

We saw three seals. One came up right next to the boat as we left the harbor mouth and turned east towards Shagwong reef, another popped up as we passed Colloden Point on the way home, and a third was cruising near the fish packing dock across from the Coast Guard Station.

No photos of the seals. Boat photography favors a very wide-angle lens. Wildlife photography usually calls for something telephoto, and all of my long lenses are for use on cameras that shoot film.