The count-down to launching MON TIKI begins!

The surveyor was by today, impressed with the build, but a little puzzled at how to arrive at and justify a valuation. Insurance value is typically arrived at by looking at comparable boats, but MON TIKI is a one-of-a-kind vessel.

But I’m sure he’ll get it sorted out. After all, he’s working for me (that’s how marine insurance surveys work) so there’s really no doubt he’ll come back with a number that is acceptable to all parties. And in any case, the greater concern is liability. I have visions of being at the helm of a strange vessel for the first time, pinballing my way through the docks, leaving tens of thousands of dollars of gelcoat damage in my wake…

And so.

By the close of business tomorrow we (hopefully!) will have converted our builder’s risk policy to an on-the-water policy, and that completed, we can hoist her up in the travel-lift, trundle her the 100 feet from where she’s blocked up to the slipway, and drop her in.

The weather forecast for Saturday is fine and fair. Do you think she’ll float? And do you think she’ll float upright?

I hope so!