Documenting the build of Mon Tiki by Captain David Ryan and crew, right here on the East End in Bridgehampton and Montauk!

Oiling Mon Tiki's Hardword Deck, photo by Sailing Montauk

Refreshing Mon Tiki’s Hardwood Deck

This week’s project is refreshing Mon Tiki’s deck, all 500 square feet of it! Mon Tiki is decked with Blue Star meranti planks (aka “Philippine Mahogany”) supplied by Riverhead Building Supply. Tom at the Montauk RBS hand selected each plank for us. We chose Blue Star because it’s sustainably grown, long wearing, and takes a…

Looking down at the deck installation on Montauk's Charter Sailing Catamaran Mon Tiki, photo by Sailing Montauk

Giving MON TIKI Her Mahogany Decks!

For me this deck is what makes MON TIKI special. At 38 feet and 8,500lbs displacement, MON TIKI is a relatively modest vessel. (For comparison, our previous boat, a Catalina 38 monohull, weighed in at just under 16,000lbs.) But there’s nothing modest about the nearly 300 square feet of deck space she boasts. MON TIKI’s…

Manufacturing Jobs

Wood and aluminum have similar strength to weight ratios. The greater thickness per given weight makes wood stiffer and more damage resistant in smaller scantlings. Aluminum is (with proper corrosion protection) lower maintenance and can be manufactured in longer lengths than are available in clear lumber. Both wood and aluminum can be machined with ordinary tools, but wood is easy to glue; welding aluminum is a specialized trade, the work has to be done in windless conditions so the weld can be bathed in argon gas to prevent corrosion from infecting the weld.

Moving Day!

Today was moving day at the boat shop: This is the port hull getting strapped onto its dollies: We made a plywood railroad: One hull completely out of the barn (my wife was pressed into service for the move): Both hulls roughly positioned: Happy skipper: On technology, a reminder: Mon Tiki is the first lashed-hulled…