Project Update

In no particular order:

  • We formed a new company for the build: The Montauk Catamaran Company, LLC
  • We move into our build-space — a barn in Bridgehampton — at the end of the week.
  • We just bought 108 sheets of Hydrotek brand BS1088 rated meranti plywood.
  • We’ve hired our core build crew.
  • We’ve got a quote from NYSIF for our workmen’s comp policy. An 8 page application and a check and we’re bound.
  • We’ve got a quote from our insurance agent for a policy covering the build against fire, theft, etc. A 1 page application and a check and we’re bound.
  • I’ve got a pro forma invoice from our epoxy vender for 120 gallons of the stuff, plus fiberglass, rubber gloves, rollers, squeegees and what not.
  • It turns out our local lumber yard, Riverhead Building Supply has a great stock and a good price in vertical grained Douglas Fir.
  • My sister-in-law’s husband gave us his table saw. (Still looking for a good deal on a bandsaw and a drill press.)

As you can imagine, at this point the money is going out at a fantastic clip, and although I am a cheap-skate when it comes to matters of personal finance and get little pleasure from shopping, I actually enjoy spending money setting up a project. There’s something about the commerce of it that appeals.

For example, our plywood supplier is a family operation. The salesman I worked with also inspects the sheets and builds the crates the panels get shipped in, and I get a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that when we buy plywood from him, we’re helping his family pay the bills; and when he sells plywood to us, he’s helping our family pay our bills, and giving me a good reason to hire people, which helps their families pay their bills.

There is, of course, lots more the buy, and once bought it needs to be turned into a boat. Upcoming post will have pictures.