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Building Mon Tiki the Old Fashioned Way

by Kelly Ann Krieger The art involved in designing and building a seaworthy vessel is always impressive. But the skill it takes to build a seaworthy vessel completely by hand, using only natural, sustainable, eco-friendly materials, is rare and demonstrates an “old world” tradition matched with superior craftsmanship by today’s standards. It was a voyage…

Montuak's Charter Sailing Catamaran Mon Tiki in the Easthampton Independent

Mon Tiki Sets Sail Soon

By Kitty Merrill The lightning strike provided the spark. Running a modest sailboat charter out of Montauk with his wife Amelia, David Ryan began to realize the market called for a larger vessel. His boat could carry six passengers and he was turning business away when disaster hit . . . in the form of…


Manufacturing Jobs

Wood and aluminum have similar strength to weight ratios. The greater thickness per given weight makes wood stiffer and more damage resistant in smaller scantlings. Aluminum is (with proper corrosion protection) lower maintenance and can be manufactured in longer lengths than are available in clear lumber. Both wood and aluminum can be machined with ordinary…


Moving Day!

Today was moving day at the boat shop: This is the port hull getting strapped onto its dollies: We made a plywood railroad: One hull completely out of the barn (my wife was pressed into service for the move): Both hulls roughly positioned: Happy skipper: On technology, a reminder: Mon Tiki is the first lashed-hulled…